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Informative Texts: Learn How to Create & Use Them

We can define the informative text in a very simple way: it is the kind of texts that offer data, definitions, descriptions of phenomena or details about a fact.

Encyclopaedia entry

In the past, encyclopedias were bulky lines of books on a bookshelf intended to cover all the sciences and knowledge of mankind, as devised by French encyclopedists of the eighteenth century.

Now they have been supplied by digital platforms such as Wikipedia, where ordered information is offered on almost any subject and is available to anyone with Internet.

That is an example of a definition of a paper encyclopedia, but in the world of information on digital platforms, it is enough that we access the entry on the term sign in Wikipedia.

Outreach magazine article

Thus, in summary, the informative texts are those that offer new knowledge about something or additional knowledge that enrich what is already known.

The most common informative texts are found in encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, school books, cookbooks and so on.

The same in digital versions that in paper and also now in videos, thanks to platforms like YouTube, that have allowed vlogers to offer us informative videos that help the same as a written text.

What are the characteristics of the informative texts?

Informative texts offer us facts about reality, physical and chemical phenomena, history, sports, shows, well, on almost any subject.

Including the informative texts themselves, as in this case, in which I offer the answer to the question, what is an informative text? Well these are its main characteristics:

The informative text is a more or less extensive answer, as required, to basic questions such as what is …? Who…? what does it mean…? what happened…? how does it work…? How is it done …?

Its basic structure is the same as most of the texts: introduction, development and conclusion. In the first part, what is offered on the information is presented and defined in general terms.

Then its main characteristics are described, the fundamental elements of what is defined or described and, finally, some uses of that term are indicated, presentations of that recipe or places where additional information can be found, as the case may be.

The type of language that should be used is objective and clear, as it is not a literary text. Thus, the language is formal and strictly focused on the object on which it is reported, without literary ramblings

Its structure must correspond to the typical forms of the type of informative text in question. If it is news, it must respond to the inverted pyramid shape typical of these texts. If it is a recipe, to its classic structure and so on in all cases.

How to make an informative text

The informative text seeks to be truthful, objective and precise, does not seek to be beautiful. Therefore, informational texts must respond to these three principles fundamentally. To write an informational text, then, it is necessary to follow these basic rules:

Defines the topic or term on which the informational text will be treated.

Identify the basic question you want to answer about that topic (check the first point of the previous section).

Search sources that help you to have information about it or investigate, if there is no information about it or is a news about a fact of current.

Write the text

If there are other sources in which you can expand the information, point them to the end of your text.

Main types of informational texts

There are two main types of informative texts, scientific and journalistic.

The first offer information about phenomena of reality, the result of research; the latter offer data on current events in areas such as politics, culture, entertainment, economy, sports or security.

There are specialized magazines in almost any subject that we can imagine and in them appear articles in which we are offered information about aspects related to that topic: cars, fashion, scientific curiosities, cultures of the world, watches, politics, technologies, videogames, history and so on. .

In this fragment you can find all the characteristics of the articles in popular journals: simple language and simple way to expose the results of an investigation.


Unlike the articles of dissemination, papers or scientific articles, they offer results of scientific research and are intended for other scholars or specialized scientists and interested in the area, who know that language and are familiar with these issues. That is why they use technical language and their formats and writing schemes are rigorous and specialized, these usually appear in journals published by universities and scientific research centers.

In this case, the author makes use of technical terms of classical rhetoric and, in addition, quotes from the Latin language, thereby reducing the number of possible readers, those who know and master the technical language of the scientific discipline and have information Specialized in this regard.

Dictionary definition

This is the simplest and clearest type of informational text. It is about offering information about what a word means.


Newspapers or magazines, just as Internet sites offer daily narrations about current events in different areas. This type of informative text reveals concrete data about events that occurred on the same day or a few days before being written.


It is the type of text that answers two basic questions: what ingredients do you need to cook …? How is it cooked …? These two questions are answered in the two classic parts of the recipe, the ingredients and the method of preparation.

Informative Text of an Instructional type

This peculiar type of informative text offers indications on how to assemble or how to use a product and is fundamental to take full advantage of the functions or qualities of what instructs how to use.

Examples of informativesocial text:

According to reports obtained, researchers specializing in sociology, that the population is grouped in groups or also known as tribes, some with very marked characteristics and that ensure their existence, and other tribes that last so little that they are extinguished because their Presence can be thanks to the inspiration of a musical group, singer, etc. An example of this is the Kudai group that inspired young people to join a sector calledemotivosemoswhere their line was to wear black, to outline their eyes in black and to paint their nails and lips of the same color and relate his mood as depressivemoribund.

Examples of informative textsclimatological:

According to studies obtained with hightech sensors, meteorologists say that for a week or so the low temperatures in the north and center of the American continent will continue, and may cover some areas of Central American countries. While in Europe the presence of snow areas continues. Experts advise tourists or visitors to North America to reschedule their visit for the month of February, to avoid being stranded in airports and bus terminals. “

Examples of informativepolitical texts:

The Liberal Senator Lic. Miguel Antonio Jimenez Suarez, has initiated a campaign for the Congress of the Lower Chamber to promote reforms in favor of children for the granting of scholarships and support to parents without employment. However, the democratic political currents get in the way of this proposal, arguing that they are inappropriate, as long as problems of other social sectors of the population that are marginalized are not solved. Of which a survey was conducted between children and parents and a large percentage has asked that the Senator not give up on his attempt. “

Since you have been able to identify each of the examples of informative texts (fictitious, for which names, positions and places do not correspond to reality, are mere examples), you try to be direct in the information that is transmitted in writing or verbal, because it is a kind of summary of the most important or transcendental.

Currently, many elements of informative texts are used, such as:

The brief news they receive on their cell phone or mobile phone daily, where from one to two brief lines try to inform the most important ones, it can even be accompanied by a link or link to enter a website and you can know more in detail information.

Informative texts are also received by email, which can also be of a commercial nature, that is to say, of any promotion, product or service that is becoming known.

Therefore, I can assure you that of all the examples of informative texts that I have shown will continue to exist, because they are means of communication that can attract the attention of the reader, because many people do not like to read large contents of texts and they prefer to read little but substantial.

What is not an informative text

Finally, it is important to know what is an informative text and what is not.

The informative text only offers data, figures, definitions, indications about something, but does not seek to offer criticism or personal opinions about it. When a text in addition to information offers opinions, it goes from being a news item to an editorial or opinion column; or it goes from being a dissemination article to a critical essay. In short, when there are personal opinions, it stops being informative text.

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