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How to make my essay longer

Composing an essay requires a considerable amount of effort and extensive research to gather all the necessary details. The structure typically includes an introduction, detailed points in the body, a summarized conclusion, and references. However, one of the biggest challenges that students face is meeting the expected word count or number of pages. In such instances, students may be tempted to add unnecessary information or use fluffy words to lengthen their essays. Here are some tips and tricks to help make your essay longer while still maintaining quality.

Add more details

While it is essential to be brief and direct to the point in other areas of life, essays require deeper details to elaborate on your points. If your essay is short of the right word count, revisit your points and add more information to make them more elaborate. Ensure that the information you add is relevant and avoid fluff.

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Use several examples

While examples can strengthen your argument, using only one example for each point can make your essay fall short of the word count. Research more to find additional examples that you can use to support your points, but use them wisely to maintain the flow of your essay.

Read and confirm every detail is included

Start by creating an outline and noting the structure and points that you will use to make your essay presentable. Cross-check your essay against your rough outline to ensure that you have included all the points your teacher requested, as well as the points from your ideas. If you notice any missing points, add detailed information to make your essay more informative.

Do extensive research

Your research level can significantly affect your essay’s word count. Shallow research results in fewer points and a short essay. In contrast, deeper research provides more than enough points to use in your essay. Immerse yourself in extensive research to gather as much information as possible.

Include more quotations

Quoting someone else in your essay adds value to your work, but it must be done sparingly and in the right way. Relevant quotations make your points stronger, and when used correctly, can earn you more marks. Find more relevant quotations and use them wisely to enhance your essay.

Use transitional sentences and phrases

Transitional sentences and phrases bridge ideas in different paragraphs or text sections, creating a smooth flow in your essay. Use them correctly to improve cohesion and make your essay a great piece of writing.


If your essay falls short of the expected word count, revise it carefully to create more words, sentences, and phrases. Take your time to research extensively to gather more than enough information to use in your essay. Elaborate on your points and avoid using direct-to-the-point arguments. With these tips and tricks, you can make your essay longer while still maintaining quality.

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