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How to Write a Book Title in an Essay in MLA Style: Detailed Guide

As a professional writer, it’s crucial to know how to cite sources correctly. One critical aspect of academic writing is referencing books in essays, which requires knowing how to write a book title in an essay in MLA style. The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is commonly used in literature and language studies, providing formatting guidelines for citations in academic papers. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to write a book title if you want to pay for an essay in MLA style.


In MLA style, book titles should be capitalized just like any other work, including movies or songs. This means that the first letter of each significant word should be capitalized, but prepositions and articles should not be capitalized unless they are the first or last word of the title. For instance, To Kill a Mockingbird should be capitalized as shown.


The MLA style requires italicizing the title of a book, meaning that it should be in a slanted font. However, if you are handwriting the essay, you can underline the title instead of italicizing it. Nonetheless, the title should be easily distinguishable from the rest of the text.


In general, the punctuation for a book title in an essay should follow the rules for punctuating titles in general. This means that a period should be placed at the end of the title if it is a complete sentence, but if the title is part of a longer sentence, the period should be placed at the end of the sentence instead. For example, “In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout learns important lessons about prejudice and justice.”

Quotation Marks:

Sometimes, you may need to use quotation marks instead of italics to indicate a book title. This can happen if the book is part of a larger work, such as an anthology or a collection of essays, or if the book title contains the title of another work. In this case, the book title should be enclosed in quotation marks, and the title of the larger work or other title should be italicized. For instance, “In the essay ‘On Fairy-Stories,’ J.R https://finance.yahoo.com/news/pay-essay-top-5-safe-105019899.html .R. Tolkien argues that fairy tales are an important literary genre.”

Author’s Name:

Including the author’s name in the citation of a book title is sometimes necessary. If you mention the author’s name in your sentence, you can include it in your citation like this: (Lee 54). If you don’t mention the author’s name in your sentence, you can include it in parentheses after the title, like this: (“To Kill a Mockingbird” Lee 54).

Different types of books may have different formatting requirements. If you’re citing a book with multiple authors, you’ll need to follow a different format than if you’re citing a book with a single author. Similarly, if you’re citing a book that has been translated from another language, you’ll need to include information about the translator as well as the author.

In summary, referencing a book in an essay requires including the title in your citation. In MLA style, book titles should be capitalized and italicized or underlined, and you should follow the rules for punctuation and quotation marks. You may also need to include the author’s name and other information depending on the type of book you’re citing.

In conclusion, knowing how to write a book title in an essay in MLA style is a vital skill for academic writing. Following the guidelines for capitalization, italics, punctuation, and author’s name ensures that your citation is accurate and consistent with other sources in your essay. Mastering this skill will give you confidence in citing books and other sources in your writing. Quoting a book title correctly in an essay is important for several reasons. First and foremost, citing sources correctly is a crucial part of academic integrity. It shows that you have done your research, and it gives credit where credit is due. Additionally, citing sources correctly helps your readers to find the books you are referencing, which can be important if they want to learn more about a particular topic.

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